Web Essays by Simon Windisch - Can websites be categorised into visual genres
Web Essays by Simon Windisch - Can websites be categorised into visual genres Web Essays by Simon Windisch - Can websites be categorised into visual genres Web Essays by Simon Windisch - Can websites be categorised into visual genres Web Essays by Simon Windisch - Can websites be categorised into visual genres
Web Essays by Simon Windisch - Can websites be categorised into visual genres

Bibliography of screen shots

Figure 1

Jimmy and Doug's Farmclub.com (2001)
‘Music downloads on rap rock alternative hip hop music. Music videos and music news.’ [online],
USA, New York, New York: Jimmy and Doug's Farmclub.com
http://www.farmclub.com [Accessed 9th March 2001]

LAUNCH Media, Inc. (2001)
‘LAUNCH.com - Discover New Music’
USA, CA, Santa Monica: LAUNCH Media, Inc.
http://www.launch.com [Accessed 9th March 2001]

Figure 2

Candace Rich (2001)
‘Dick Clark's American Bandstand’
http://www.fiftiesweb.com/bandstnd.htm [Accessed 30th March 2001]

Figure 3

Francis Chan (?)
‘Greyscale wristcam photography’
[Accessed 6th April 2001]

Figure 4

‘Welcome to AOL.co.uk’
UK, London: AOL UK
http://www.aol.co.uk [Accessed 9th March 2001]

NTL group Ltd (2001)
‘NTL world – home’
UK, Hampshire, Hook: ntl Group Ltd.
http://www.ntlworld.com [Accessed 9th March 2001]

Figure 5

(1) The Nature Conservancy (2001)
‘The Nature Conservancy - nature conservation, biodiversity, conservation groups, endangered species, environmental organization, tropical rain forest conservation, wildlife habitats preservation’
USA, VA, Arlington: The Nature Conservancy
http://nature.org [Accessed 8th March 2001]

(2) AABGA (2001)
‘American Association of Botanical Gardens and Arboreta’
USA, PA, Kennett Square: AABGA
http://www.aabga.org [Accessed 8th March 2001]

(3) Timber Press (2001)
‘Timber Press: Books on Gardening and Horticulture’
USA, Oregon, Portland: Timber Press
http://www.timber-press.com [Accessed 8th March 2001]

(4) National Gardening Association (2001)
‘National Gardening - The Name Gardeners Trust for flowers, houseplants, composting, greenhouses, landscaping, gardens, and horticulture’
USA, VT, Burlington: National Gardening Association
http://www.garden.org [Accessed 8th March 2001]

(5) Unknown
‘GardenGuides - Come Garden With Us’
http://www.gardenguides.com [Accessed 8th March 2001]

(6) Cheryl M. Trine (2000)
‘GardenNet the premier gateway to gardening on the Internet!’
http://www.gardennet.com [Accessed 8th March 2001]

Figure 6

(1) Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium (2001)
‘Point Defiance Zoo Aquarium’
USA, Washington, Tacoma: Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium
http://www.pdza.org/ [Accessed 11th March 2001]

(2) Virginia Marine Science Museum (2001)
‘Virginia Marine Science Museum - Virginia's largest aquarium and marine science facility’
USA, VA, Virginia Beach: Virginia Marine Science Museum
http://www.vmsm.com [Accessed 11th March 2001]

(3) Oregon Coast Aquarium (2001)
‘Oregon Coast Aquarium - Newport’
USA, OR, Newport: Oregon Coast Aquarium
http://www.aquarium.org [Accessed 11th March 2001]

(4) The National Aquarium in Baltimore (2001)
‘Welcome to The National Aquarium in Baltimore’
USA, Maryland, Baltimore: The National Aquarium in Baltimore
http://www.aqua.org [Accessed 11th March 2001]

(5) Monterey Bay Aquarium (2001)
‘Monterey Bay Aquarium: Home Page’
USA, CA, Monterey: Monterey Bay Aquarium
http://www.montereybayaquarium.org [Accessed 11th March 2001]

(6) Aquarium of the Pacific (2001)
‘Aquarium of the Pacific’
USA, CA, Long Beach: Aquarium of the Pacific
http://www.aquariumofpacific.org [Accessed 11th March 2001]

Figure 7

(1) United Nations (2001)
‘Publications, Stamps, Databases’
USA, New York, New York: United Nations
http://www.un.org/Pubs/index.html [Accessed 29h March 2001]

(2) Bentradio.com (2001)
‘Bentradio.com - offers something truly different for the ears and mind’
http://www.bentradio.com [Accessed 30th March 2001]

(3) Virgin.net (2001)
‘UK radio on Virgin.net ‘
UK, London: Virgin.net
http://www.virgin.net/radio [Accessed 30th March 2001]

(4) XGR (2001)
‘XGR.COM - Xtreme Gaming Radio - The Internet's FIRST 24/7 Radio Station For Gamers’
http://www.xgr.com [Accessed 30th March 2001]

Figure 8

Amazon.com Int'l Sales, Inc. (2001)
‘Welcome to Amazon.co.uk’
USA, WA, Seattle: Amazon.com Int'l Sales, Inc. http://www.amazon.co.uk/exec/obidos/tg/stores/browse/-/welcome/468294/202-3502244-9396641 [Accessed 30th March 2001]

Figure 10

your-move.co.uk Ltd. (2001)
‘Your Move Estate Agents’
UK, Newcastle upon Tyne: your-move.co.uk Ltd.
http://www.your-move.co.uk/html/default.htm [Accessed 2nd March 2001]

Figures 11 and 12

The Automobile Association Limited (2001)
‘The Automobile Association, UK - motoring, car, breakdown, traffic, travel, insurance, loans, finance, warranties’
UK, Basingstoke, Hampshire: The Automobile Association Limited http://www.theaa.com [Accessed 11th March 2001]

Figure 13

(1) http://www.turux.org [Accessed 2nd March 2001]

(2) http://www.dextro.org [Accessed 2nd March 2001]

(3) [ uncontrol ]
http://www.uncontrol.com [Accessed 2nd March 2001]

(3) One9ine (2001)
‘volumeone | narrative explorations’
USA, New York, New York: One9ine
www.volumeone.com/00winter/index.html [Accessed 2nd March 2001]

Figure 14

European Voice (2001)
‘European Voice - A weekly view of the Union’
UK, London: The Economist
http://www.european-voice.com [Accessed 29th March 2001]

Figure 15

Unilever (1999)
United Kingdom, London :Unilever PLC http://www.unilever.com/index_ie.html [Accessed 31st March 2001)

Figure 16

BBC online (2001)
‘The culling of infected animals continues as the foot-and-mouth outbreak spreads across the UK’
UK, London: BBC online

Figure 17

Len Dugow & Associates (2001)
‘Len Dugow & Associates’
USA, New York, New York: Len Dugow & Associates
http://www.lendugow.com [Accessed 6th March 2001]

Figure 18

Lundstrom and Associates (2001)
‘The Architecture firm of Lundstrom and Associates’
USA, CA, Irvine: Lundstrom and Associates
http://www.lundstromarch.com [Accessed 6th March 2001]

Figure 19

Dance Fitness Network
http://www.webproshops.com/site/dancefitnessnetwork/index.cfm [Accessed 31st March 2001]

Figure 20

(1) Sega.com, Inc (2001)
USA, CA, San Francisco: Sega.com, Inc
http://www.sega.com [31st March 2001]

(2) Astralwerks records (2001)
‘this is astralwerks records version 5.0’
USA, New York, New York: Astralwerks records
http://www.astralwerks.com [31st March 2001]

(3) Andreas Rehnberg (2001)
‘Playdo Community’
http://www.playdo.com/eng/munity.asp [31st March 2001]

(3) Kilowatt Design LLC (2001)
‘Cool Homepages’
USA, CA Palo Alto: Kilowatt Design LLC

Figure 21

(1) International Business Machines Corporation (2001)
USA, NY, Armonk: International Business Machines Corporation
http://www.ibm.com [Accessed 15th April 2000]

(2) Intel Corporation (2001)
‘Welcome to Intel’
USA, CA, Santa Clara: Intel Corporation
http://www.intel.com [Accessed 15th April 2000]

(3) Motorola Inc (2001)
‘Motorola, Inc’
USA, FL, Boca Raton: Motorola Inc.
http://www.motorola.com/home/ [Accessed 15th April 2000]

(4) NEC Corporation
‘NEC Global Gateway’
Japan, Tokyo, Minato-ku: NEC Corporation
http://www.nec.com [Accessed 15th April 2000]