How to build Dynamite

I was asked to provide a price list for Dynamite. As I had just rebuilt it from scratch I thought I’d describe the process, with prices.

1. I designed the layout on some paper (photograph later)

2. I cut out the design on 1mm polycarbonate. A 623 x 510mm sheet costs around £8 from Technobots

3. I used 4mm polycarbonate, also from Technobots for £16.50 plus postage for a 623 x 510mm sheet. I cut this polycarbonate into 14mm strips with a circular saw, to get a high degreee of accuracy, and used these as my side plates. I drilled 1.5mm holes into the polycarbonate and tapped them to accept 12mm M2 bolts.

4. I then attached the motors to the body. These are Sanyo GM11s fromSolarbotics and cost $23 or around £13.50 each plus postage although my previous version of Dynamite used Solarbotics GM10 motors which are available for £10 from Technobots.

5. The Sanyo GM11s have a 2.5mm shaft with a straight edge cut out of it. The fixing holes are 1.7mm thread whuch I tapped out to M2 tread and then used a Dremmel to cut the inside edges of the bolts off so they would accomodate the wheels close to the motor base plate.

6. I machined some aluminium rod with an external diameter of 5mm to fit my lego “Wheel 30.4 x 14″ and an internal diameter of 3mm to fit the shaft, and fitted an M2 screw through the wheel and aluminium tube to make a firm fit.. I won’t include the price of the lathe, or the aluminium rod! The lego wheels and tyres (Available on Bricklink as “Wheel 30.4 x 14 (Tread Small Hub)” and “Tire 30.4 x 14 Offset Tread” for around 10p per set plus postage)

7. Then I fitted the:

  • Battery -(Lithium Polymers, available from Overlander for £10 plus postage as “145 Kokam Li-poly 7.4v”
  • Reveiver – a Futaba R114F with the casing removed, available fromSussex Model Centre for £27 plus postage
  • Speed Controller – a Sozbots model that is no longer made, but its nearest equivalent is the “Dual 5Amp Speed Controller – Carbide SOZDSCR2.3-X with leads” available from Robot Combat for $57 or around £33 plus postage.
  • Wiring, price not included.

8. Finally I fitted the lid, also made from 1mm polycarbonate

Anyone with an interest in prices would also have to look into the price of a

  • Lithium Polymer charger and 12v supply
  • Pair of 40Mhz crystals
  • Transmitter
  • Various tools
  • Bolts and nuts.

But I hope this gives you an idea.


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