Kat – a new kit robot – build part 1

I started to design a new robot that could be built from a “virtual kit” (parts ordered from the internet

This is the Computer Aided Design (CAD) picture

The printout from the CAD picture

The picture after it has been glued onto 1mm polycarbonate and cut with tin snips and a craft knife.

The Kat chassis with holes drilled in (I later re-drilled most of them, increasing the bore from 2mm to 3mm.)

After cold folding the chassis

After removing the protective covering from the polycarbonate

The receiver has now been added, I had to drill extra holes for the cable tie

The switch, both motors and both wheels have been added.

The speed controller has been added

The servo has been added

That took about three hours, more to follow in the next post.

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