Kat build part 2

The continuing story of Kat’s build finished today.

The chassis has now been bolted together

The servo has been wired in

This picture shows that the red and black wires from the servo have been connected directly to the battery rather than through the Battery Elimination Circuit (BEC) of the speed controller. The Servo takes too much current and if the power wires were connected to the BEC then the robot would stall every time it was flipped. Connecting the servo this way does mean that it get 8.4V rather than the 6v it was designed for but the Hitec HS82MG seems to be resilient to this.

The flipper has been mounted, this is made of titanium and the flipper arm is made of a hacksaw blade.

The battery has been fitted (It’s just taped at the moment, I might build a case for it at a later date) and the name has been added. We are ready for combat!

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