Reading Robot Club 3 (12th June 2004)

The third Reading Robot Club was held at the University of Reading Employee’s social club on Saturday 12th June 2004. from 10am – 2pm.Teams

Team Captain Robot
Team BeligerAnt Gary Ant Lifter
Team BeligerAnt Gary CF RONNY
Team BeligerAnt Gary RampAnt

Team Blitz Andrew Cypher

Team Electra Simon Dynamo
Team Electra Simon Electra

Team Loop Leon Halo
Team Loop Leon RIP

Team Pants Pete C Pants
Team Pants Pete C Cannon Fodder

Team Red Matthew Chimera
Team Red Matthew Headache
Team Red Matthew Red Eye

Team Massacre Paul Sweet Corn

Team Termite Peter ANTrax
Team Termite Peter DominANT
Team Termite Peter MilitANT

Team Ultimatum Scott Void
Team Ultimatum Scott Zenith

Team with no name Oliver Anteater
Team with no name Oliver Odyssey


Non-spinner champion
Sumo winners
1st Void 6 points
2nd ANTrax 4 points
3rd RIP 2 points
4th DominANT 1 point
Speedway winners
1st RIP 6 points
2nd Electra 4 points
3rd Halo 2 points
4th DominANT 1 point
10m dash winners
1st Pants 6 points
2nd RIP 5 points
3rd DominANT 4 points
4th ANTrax 3 points
5th Void 2 points
6th Cypher 1 point
Non spinner combat winners
1st DominANT 6 points
2nd Electra 4 points
3rd Void 2 points
4th Dynamo 1 point
Non spinner Grand Champion
DominANT 2
Void 3
Electra 4
ANTrax 5
Pants 6
Halo 7
Cypher 8
Dynamo 8

Spinner championship

1st Void
2nd MilitANT
3rd Electra
4th Zenith



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