Team Exterminate have taken part in the following competitions

  • Grand Antweight Competition – The University of Brighton – 12th July 2003: Electra came joint 4th
  • Featherweight Smash – Redditch 12th – August 2003: Went out early.
  • AWS 12 – Aylesbury – 1st November 2003: Electra got to the final in the European championship but went out in the second round of the World Series.
  • AWS 13 – Brighton -21st February 2004: Electra got to the final 16 in the European championship and the 5th round of the World Series.
  • AWS16 – Burghfield, near Reading 26th February 2005. Electra got through to the second leg 
  • Fighting Robots Association - Aylesbury – 22nd May 2005. Electra lost early on and Dynamite came third.
  • AWS17 – Burgess Hill – 16th July 2005. Fast Dalek made it to the second round, Dynamite made it to the third.
  • AWS18 – Banbury – November 5th 2005, Fast Dalek and Electra made it to the third round, and Dynamite lost in the final.
  • AWS19 in Hull, 18th February 2006. We won with Dynamite!
  • AWS20 – near Brighton 24th June 2006. Dymanite lost on the first round, Fast Dalek got to round 3
  • AWS21 – in Harvington Village Hall 21st Oct 2006. Dynamite got to round 4, Fast Dalek got to round 2, but Dynamold (the old Dynamite that won AWS19) won!
  • AWS22 – Aylesbury 10th March 2007. The new double elimination system meant that when you lost two matches you were out. Fast Dalek won one and lost two, Dynamite lost one and retired not working
  • AWS24 – Ickenham 17th Nov 2007. Dynamite won three before losing twice, Fast Dalek lost twice.
  • AWS25 – 5th Apr 2008 was in Eindhoven. Fast Dalek lost twice, Dynamite won once and lost twice
  • AWS26 – 21st Jun 2008 was in Brighton. Fast Dalek won twice and lost twice and Dynamite won the competition.
  • AWS 27 – Reading – 8th August 2008. Fast Dalek won tree time before losing twice. Dynamite won four times before losing twice, getting third place.
  • AWS28 – Colchester – 7th March 2009 Fast Dalek lost twice. Dynamite won four times before losing to the 3rd place winner.
  • AWS30 – Richmond – 14th November 2009. Fast Dalek won three times before losing twice. Dynamite won five times before losing twice, to the second place winner
  • AWS31 – Eindhoven – 17th April 2010. Results and photos are not available for this
  • AWS32 – Wednesbury – 3rd July 2010 – Dynamite lost twice and Fast Dalek got third place, its best ever result.
  • AWS33 – Brighton – 30th October 2010. Dynamite went out in round 4, Fast Dalek was group 6 runner up and went to Play-off Round 3 .
  • AWS34 Reading 12th March 2011 Dynamite, Kitty and Fast Dalek all went out in round one

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